5 Napkin Folds from an Orlando Wedding Planner | At Last Weddings

As if there aren't already a million other decisions you have to make for the wedding, we are throwing another one 'atcha...napkin folds! However, we are here to help! Below are four of the most popular napkin folds showcased at our weddings this past year. Feel free to scroll along + find the fold that best fits your wedding vibe! 
Photo by: KV Photography

1) Rollup: There are many ways you can roll your napkin up! Whether its vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, feel free to play with it + see what you like the best! 
pink roll up napkin fold on gold rimmed chargerblue napkin on silver charger rolled up

2) Menu fold: This is extremely popular, especially for those couples who decide to have a menu at each place setting. The best part about this style is that it can be adjusted to fit the exact width of your menu! Want to jazz it up a little? This is the perfect style for placecards such as tags or wooden engraved names as both the menu + name can be featured without competing with one another.
white menu fold napkin placed on gold scalloped charger with wooden placecard
white menu fold napkin with white and orange napkin and orange slice placed on gold rimmed chargermenu fold napkin placed on gold rimmed charger
low menu fold napkin on white plate with menu tucked ingold rimmed chargers with white napkin and menu fold with orange slices placed on top

3) The Knot: This napkin fold has been all the rage the past couple of years! It is so flexible + can be positioned in a multitude of ways, one of the many reasons we love it! 
sage green knotted napkin fold next to charger with wedding menu
pink knotted wedding napkin placed on gold rimmed chargersilver charger with white napkin knot fold
gold rimmed charger with black napkin knot

4) Draped or Waterfall: Looking for a way to add a pop of color in your wedding reception? This is the perfect fold for you! By having a colorful linen napkin + draping it off the edge of the table, it gives an added color element to the overall design. If you choose not to have a charger, this might be the fold for you as it can rest on the edge of the table with ease. 
5) Wrap Around: This is another versatile napkin fold that works perfectly with a charger! It also showcases a menu nicely, whether you work it into the creases of the napkin or just place it on top. 
white linen napkin wrapped vertical around white reef chargerblue linen napkin wrapped around gold beaded charger
tan napkin wrapped around charger at casa feliz receptionwhite napkin wrapped around charger with favor sitting on top
tan napkin wrapped around gold rimmed charger with menu
 Eric Rousseau + Jessica Friend Photo Design

There are many other napkin folds you can choose from, but these are just some of our favorites! Have any questions or need help deciding what will look best in your reception tables? Don't hesitate to contact us + we would be more than happy to assist!