The Grand Exit | At Last Weddings

 A grand exit is something that deserves to have some thought put into it + there are so many benefits to having one! Not only does it help to have a clear "end time" for all guests in attendance, but its a great way to send you off in style!

We all know that sparklers are the exit item of choice, but this blog helps show you some options besides sparklers for all of you whose venue don't allow them!

bride and groom laughing through sparkler spin

1) No Mess Streamers: This is a great way to have a grand exit + no cleanup! The streamers are attached to the handle so theres literally no mess. Look how cute Audra + Jason look walking through their exit together! 
bride and groom walking through streamers
Photo by Rudy + Marta

2) Love the streamer idea but not a fan of them shooting into your face? Opt for handheld streamers with lights to have a more controlled look.
Wedding guests holding white streamersbride and groom kissing in white streamers

3) Bubbles! Heres a tip though: those little handheld bubbles to pass out to guests never produce the amount bubbles you see in this photo. Bring a bubble machine or two if you'd like to walk through a sea of bubbles + capture a shot as magical as Lauran + David did!
bride and groom kissing with a bunch of bubbles around them

4) If your venue allows, a bio-degradable confetti is a great way to make a grand exit! Don't Amy + Scott look so precious running off to start their life together?
bride and groom smiling through confettibride and groom kissing with confetti in the air
Photos by Dovetail Photo

5) Fiber optic wands. now this is certainly unique! Such a fun alternative to sparklers! Danielle + Ryan had the right idea by using these to light up their sendoff.
bride and groom walking through led wands

No matter if you choose sparklers, one of these alternatives or simply no exit at all, we are sure your wedding is going to be stunning! Need more ideas? Don't hesitate to reach out + we can help you brianstorm something that fits your wedding vibe just perfectly!