What to Expect from your Wedding Coordinator! | At Last Weddings

The age old wedding question- what exactly will my wedding coordinator DO?!

Well we are here to tell you that we will literally do anything needed + more! Besides the monthly checklists, helpful tips while planning + 10 plus pages of customized scheduling created just for your special day, we are literally everywhere on the big day doing whatever needs to be done! 

Here are some behind the scenes shots of the At Last Weddings team hard at work ensuring everything is perfect, perfect, perfect- just like its supposed to be!  
at last weddings coordinators laughing in white and tan
Right when we arrive on site, we are sure to check in on our brides + grooms to make sure everything is running smoothly + get them whatever they may need! Check out our very own Bri who is hand placing the boutonniere on our groom to make sure it stays in place all night! 
at last weddings coordinator putting boutonniere on groom
Photo by Rudy and Marta 

Time to get lined up! This is why having a rehearsal is SO important! We make sure to go over the line up, how to walk, where to stand + everything else the bridal party needs to know at the rehearsal the day before. But don't worry, if you happen to forget, we are always there the day of reminding you of everything you need to do! 
at last weddings coordinator lining up bridal party

It's the moment we've all been waiting for... the ceremony! After lining up the bridal party, we make sure to fluff out your dress to make sure it looks perfect when its time for your grand walk down to meet your fiance at the altar. 
at last weddings coordinator fixing dress before bride goes down aisle

Yay, you are married! After you seal your vows with a kiss, we guide you over to a private spot away from friends + family to grab a refreshment + let guests clear out of ceremony space so we can slide you back in with your bridal party for photos. Check out Katie leading our newlyweds inside to grab them a glass of celebratory champagne after they said " I Do"! 
at last weddings coordinator

After the ceremony ends, guests head on over to cocktail hour to mingle while the couple gets newlywed pictures. We make sure to stand by your side to give you sips of water, fix your jewelry/suit + most importantly, help you gather all items you have (phone, bouquet, dress train, etc) to move easily from one photo op to the next. Doesn't Jaclyn look like such a pro helping our bride out during their pics? 
at last weddings coordinator holding dress train for bride
Photo by The Erwins Photo

While our lead coordinator is assisting the couple during their photos, the At Last assistant is over at reception putting the finishing touches on all of the tables + handling vendor requests. Right before reception space is about to open, we bring you on in to check out your reception area before guests enter + make sure you have a chance to look at all of the details you spent so long dreaming about! This is Jen's favorite part of the wedding day, can't you tell? 
at last weddings coordinator walking couple into reception

It's time to party! But we can't do that with a long dress train behind us can we? Look at Bri + Sara making sure the wedding gown is perfectly bustled + not caught up in their heels to ensure a flawless first dance twirl.
at last weddings coordinator fixing dressat last weddings coordinator fixing dress

The night is wrapping up + you know what that means- time for cake! Never cut a wedding cake before? Not to worry! We teach you where to cut, how to post, + all the tips + tricks needed to ensure a picture perfect cake cutting! Only thing we can't promise is if your new spouse will use a fork + play nice or smash it in your face! 😜 Look at Sasha ensuring they cut it just right! 
at last weddings coordinator showing couple how to cut cake
Photo by Lili Lu Weddings

All in all, just know that we take each + every wedding very seriously + not only want it to go as smooth as possible but also ensure that its a night to remember for years to come! That's why we make sure we are involved in every step of the way! Have any more questions about other tasks we do before, during, or after a wedding? Don't hesitate to reach out!