Wedding Coordinators vs. Venue Coordinators: "But Wait, Aren't They The Same Thing?"

"Oh, I don't need a wedding coordinator, my venue has a coordinator!" 

Unfortunately, this is a sentence we hear from couples far too often + we are here to tell you that wedding coordinators + venue coordinators are NOT the same thing! Let us break it down for you ;)

Look at their title + you'll know exactly what they are responsible for: wedding coordinators are there to assist + manage the wedding as a whole while venue coordinators, yup you guessed it, just focus on the venue! Mother-in-law being a nightmare? Did Maid of Honor spill red wine on her dress? Cake topper nowhere to be found? Wedding coordinator to the rescue! While its great to ensure you have a venue coordinator to make sure the venue is in tip top shape, let the wedding coordinator professionals handle the small details the day of! We will become your best friend, confidant, + right hand man to do anything + everything needed to make your wedding day a flawless success! 

Check out the responsibilities of the two job titles below for a clearer understanding of your vendors + what they are responsible for handling.

At Last Wedding helping bride with hair
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Venue Coordinator responsibilities include setting up the tables + chairs, changing the lighting during the night, assisting with parking, restocking the bathroom, cleaning up spills....basically everything relating to the property itself!

Winter Park Farmers Market reception
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Wedding Coordinators are by your side the entire night. Whether it be helping you down the aisle, feeding you appetizers between pictures, or showing you how to cut the cake, we do it all! Your wedding coordinator is someone YOU chose, who will be by your side every step of the way. Check out some of the At Last team rocking all sorts of tasks at our clients weddings!

wedding planner looking at schedule

Jaclyn Fraser setting up tablesBri Howard fixing flowers
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Still confused? Check out this link for a further breakdown of the two + what their duties are.