Woodsy Engagement Session with Their Pup | Kelly + Dominic

If you're having a bad day, no worries, these adorable engagement photos from Kelly + Dominic's session will surely bring a smile to your face. Why, you ask? Scroll down + you are going to get a glimpse into one of the cutest dogs ever! That face!!!

Of course, we're excited for their big day at Paradise Cove next year. Until then, enjoy some of these photos from Rich Taylor Photography.
How did you & your fiance meet?
We met on the school bus when I (Kelly) was in 7th grade and Dominic was in 9th grade. We officially started dating when we were both in high school.
Tell us how you got engaged!
We were visiting Disney's Magic Kingdom on January 3, 2015 with my entire family, and decided to take a family picture in front of Cinderella's castle.  Little did I know, Dominic had already planned the whole thing months ahead, and talked to the photographer prior to taking the picture, that way he could capture our engagement on camera.  Once the family picture was taken, everyone dispersed, leaving Dom and I standing on Main Street, right before the parade started.  He then grabbed my hands, got down on one knee, and proposed! It truly felt magical!
What are the theme/colors of your wedding?
I guess our theme would be considered a mix of rustic and vintage.  We plan on using a lot of neutrals, pale blue, and gold.
What has been your favorite part of wedding planning?
Our favorite part of wedding planning has been sharing in the excitement with family and friends, and trying to include as many meaningful touches as we can.  Also, booking our honeymoon has been super exciting!
Where are you off to for the honeymoon?
We booked an 8 night Adriatic and Italy cruise, which begins in Venice, Italy and ends in Barcelona, Spain. The itinerary includes: Venice, Italy -> Dubrovnik, Croatia -> Kotor, Montenegro -> Naples, Italy -> Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy -> Florence, Italy -> Barcelona, Spain.  We are beyond excited, as it will be a first for both of us!