Proposal Session | Charlotte + Ian

Charlotte + Ian are engaged! These two love birds will be tying the knot + celebrating their love next May at the Tavares Pavilion on the Lake + we're thrilled to a part of their special wedding planning. We love hearing the details on how our couples came to be perfect pairs + today we're sharing Charlotte + Ian's love story, as well as some photos of when Ian proposed! Enjoy!

How did you + Ian meet? 
started college at UCF during summer of 2011. The intramural fields were located behind my dorm so one evening I went to watch one of my friends play flag football. On my way to the fields, I asked a group of boys in front of me which field was the flag football field. The group of boys, including a guy with the name "Faulkner" written on the back, turned around and looked at me, then kept walking. These boys ended up being on my friend's team. The guy with "Faulkner" caught my eye from the beginning. We talked a little as a group and a couple weeks later, "Faulkner" added me on Facebook. We started to talk online and eventually Ian asked for my number. We started hanging out with groups of friends from then on, until October 18, 2011, when Ian asked me to be, "his girl", after a "fancy date" night at TGI Fridays.
Tell us about the proposal!
For Christmas, 2015, Ian's gift to me was a letter stating that he had a trip planned for during the time of my spring break. He was going to take me to an ocean front resort. While there, we would enjoy a few days at the beach and have messages scheduled (since that is what I was wanting for Christmas). Months went by, and on my spring break, March 18, Ian drove me 2.5 hours to the surprise weekend spa trip. He ended up taking me to the Omni at Amelia Island. Friday evening, we both got a massage at the resort and had dinner, ocean side. The next morning, Ian woke up at 6am, wide awake. He told me to be ready by 8 so we could rent a golf cart to tour the property before breakfast at 9:15. We took the shuttle to the rental place but it did not open until 9am. So I decided to walk the trail back to the resort. As we started to walk, I somehow ended up getting ahead of Ian, as I was looking around and taking in the beautiful scenery on the property. I then heard Ian behind me telling me to turn around. I started to walk toward him when he said "there is another reason why I brought you on this trip". The rest is a blur other than him getting down on one knee. Ian also surprised me with a photographer who took us around the Omni property taking newly engagement pictures. Ian and I then went to our breakfast reservations, and to my surprise, all of myfamily and his family were there to continue the celebrating!