Meet The Team | Brianna O.

Next up on our "Meet The Team" series is Brianna O. Yes folks, I have two Brianna's (+ two Amanda's) on our team!  Brianna is a special gem + she runs our Naples branch down south. She has been with At Last for a few years now + worked her way up from being an intern, to an assistant, + now is a full wedding planner + coordinator... I'm proud! She has a ton of experience with local Naples vendors + has worked with countless brides in the past. This gal is a great mix of fun + professional, which gives each of her couples a big ol' smile! 

I introduce to you.... Brianna O.

How did you get started in the wedding planning industry?
My interested in weddings began at a young age but really took off after working countless weddings while I was in catering. I've always loved seeing the love + excitement of the couple + their families on their wedding day but I wanted to be more involved with the bride + groom so I began working with At Last + started making couples dreams come true!
How long have you been with At Last?
2 years, so far

Tell us about a unique detail you had at a wedding. 
Bacon bar! My couple had 5 different flavors of bacon to try. The Maple Syrup one was my personal favorite, yum!
Any advice for brides?
Try not to stress out too much! Everything will turn out beautiful + perfect.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I try to go to the beach as much as I can :) 
What are some items on your bucket list?
Swim with dolphins, go to Greece, do a 3 week road trip around the U.S... just a couple off my list!

If you could do a wedding anywhere, where would it be?
I really want to plan a winter wedding. I grew up in Vermont in the snow + I think of how pretty a white winter wedding would be.
Favorite movie?
My favorite movie will always be Dirty Dancing.
What on your playlist right now? 
Anything Luke Bryan.
 Big thanks to Best Photography for our new team photos!