Meet The Team | Amanda C.

Here we go, friends! Continuing our Meet The Team blog series so all of YOU can learn more about all of US! Here we have Amanda, who has been with At Last for over 5 years now (!!!). This special lady is such an incredible person to have on our team. For many business owners, it is so hard to hand over bits + pieces of your business to new people but Amanda made that so simple because of the wonderful planner + professional that she is. Of any person I've ever met, this gal is so similar to me, when it comes to a career + personal lives, that it is so very easy to love + trust her!

Although Amanda used to be a part of our Orlando team, she now lives in Naples + has been with that branch for the past few years. I'm thrilled to share this magnificent person with all of you this evening :)

How did you get started in the wedding planning industry?
I started by volunteering at several events at popular venues in Orlando, while in school for event management. Shortly after, I began interning with At Last + progressively moved up within the company.
How long have you been with At Last?
5 years
What is your favorite part of the wedding day?
I always seem to tear up when a father sees his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress. Such a sweet moment!

What is your most fun or unique experience you have had in weddings?
Traveling to St. Croix definitely takes the cake! Such an amazing experience + an even more amazing wedding.
Any advice for brides?
It's easy to get wrapped up in trying to please everyone else on your wedding day. I've had many brides stress out over doing what their mom, or grandma, or their second cousins girlfriend wants them to do. Remember that your wedding day is about you + your fiance. Do what makes YOU happy!
Favorite detail you have seen at a wedding?
 I've been pretty smitten with naked cakes lately. I think they add a touch of rustic beauty.
 Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
I have two rescue dogs but if my husband would let me, I'd have 10! Just kidding... sort of!
What do you like to do in your spare time?
These days you can find me watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with my toddler :)
If you could do a wedding anywhere, where would it be?
Wine country in California. After seeing the sunset over a vineyard while visitng there I can't get the idea of a ceremony in the heart of a vineyard out of my mind. Natural beauty, minimal decor needed.
Favorite movie?
The hubby + I are major Game of Thrones nerds!
 Big thanks to Best Photography for our new team photos!