Must Take Wedding Day Photos!

If you follow us on Pinterest then you have probably seen our board called "Must Take Photos." It features a lot of wedding photos that we feel are some absolute must-haves for your wedding day- some sweet, some funny + some that completely capture the day as a whole. Your photographer is always open to getting some requests from you in regards to any specific shots that you may want so be sure to share some of the following with them; however, do remember that they are professionals + will automatically capture a lot of the necessities + popular photos that you may want, so don't overwhelm their inbox with hundreds of must-have photos.. they know what they're doing ;)
Yes, we know that if you're doing a first look that it will be captured but we want you to make sure you get all angles, like from Anita + Rob's wedding {photo by Sunglow Photography}
Bride peeking out at the setup of her big day! Alyssa + Oliver's wedding {photo by Ben Sasso Photography}
Due to the weather being a bit stressful, Karin + Ethan opted for an unplanned, last minute first look + it turned out so spectacular! {photo by Kristen Weaver Photography}
Having two photographers? Make sure one is focused on the groom as you walk down the aisle! Lauren + Chris' wedding {photo by 12-1 Photography}
Not a fan of the first look with your fiance? How about having one with dad?! Maggie + Travis' wedding {photo by Blue Lane Studios}
If you choose a destination wedding + have a location like Jaime + Shawn did, when we did their wedding in St. Croix, this type of photo is a must-have. {photo by Sivan Photography}
An obvious one but we love seeing the smiles when you walk down the aisle! Amanda + Graham's wedding {photo by Best Photography}
I adore this personality photo collage of everyone in the bridal party- so fun! Maggie + Travis' wedding {photo by Blue Lane Studios}
Having your canine babies in the wedding? Even better, are they dressed up?! {photo by Viera Photographics}
Special moments captured with the guests all around- so incredibly romantic! Lexi + J.B.'s wedding {photo by Pure Photography by Lindsey Tropf}
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