Behind The Scenes on the "Bright Buttons" Shoot

I love featuring behind-the-scenes photos + videos! I think that our brides + grooms love seeing how much actual work it takes to create such beautiful work on weddings + events.

If you happened to miss the actual photos of the Bright Buttons inspirational shoot, visit that post here and visit the video here. But for now, check out the fun behind-the-scenes photos that Sivan Photography took of our helpful vendors for the day + the fabulous short video that 829films created.

Thank you again to our stunning vendors who participated!
{L} Jaclyn, At Last, finishing up last minute decor items                {R} Mike, 829Films, capturing our bride model           
Andrew, Marigold Scott Hair & Makeup, touching up our bride
{L} Kristina, 829Films, cuddling with some linen, ha!                  {R} Sivan, Sivan Photography, with our models        
829Films shooting some footage
        {L} Liz, La Lovely Ink, preparing our invitation set                      {R} Jaclyn, At Last, fixing the brides dress                
Using linen to block some light