Favorite DIY Projects!

I sure do love me some amazing wedding related DIY projects! Today, I share with you some of my personal favorites. Feel free to click their links that will bring you directly to their how-to tutorial. Enjoy!

Wine Cork Letter
Perfect for all those wino's out there! This crafty letter is so incredibly simple + uses minimal materials.

Fabric Bouquet
This one is a bit more complicated but so much fun! Get creative + use fabric for you or your girls bouquets.

Ribbon Wands for Exit
I wish more of my couples would utilize ribbon wands! They are so easy to make + very unique! For an extra dramatic look, use a longer stick or longer ribbon strands.

Twine or Yarn Table Numbers
Easy... cute... need I say more?

Babys Breath Wreath
A beautiful piece to place at the entrance of your ceremony/reception or even as a backdrop at the altar.

Eclectic Painted Centerpieces
Find some funky + interesting shaped vases around town + paint away! Don't have enough for centerpieces? Consider using them as extra decor around your specialty tables- cake, guestbook, etc.

Simple Table Numbers
Grab some address numbers from your local hardware store, paint + place on a cute fabric backdrop. Voila!