You Walked Down The Aisle. . . Now What?

Most ladies I know have thought about their wedding dress at least a time or two; event if they are not yet engaged (I am definitely guilty). With all of the thought, effort + money put into finding THE dress for your big day, why not put a little thought + effort into what will be the fat of your dress after the big day? If you were planning on letting your dress simply take up space in your closet + lose it's pretty white color, think again! There are so many different options brides can do with their beloved dresses. Below are some of my favorites.

Trash the Dress

Are you brave enough to get down + dirty in your wedding dress? If so, trashing your dress may be a great option for you! You will be able to get some awesome wedding photos + your photographer will probably love you for it. Talk about a fun way to get rid of some wedding stress that may still be lingering! Depending on how messy you decide to get for your trash-the-dress photography session, you may still be able to get it back to its beautiful condition through a professional cleaning company.

orlando wedding trash the dress
orlando planner trash dress

Donate the Dress

Helping charities + people in need is always in style! If you aren't feeling too attached to your dress + the hundreds of photos of you in it are enough for you to remember it, donating the dress is a wonderful idea. This link has great options on where to donate + who you will be benefiting if you do. Check out THIS LINK.

Display the Dress

Can't handle the thought of donating or trashing your dress? Put it on display! It would be perfect in a large closet, office, or your bedroom. Be reminded of your wedding day + beautiful dress every single day.

orlando coordinator wedding dress

Photograph the Dress(es)

I saw a picture on Pinterest (where else?!) of several ladies in wedding dresses. It could be a fun photo session for you + your closest married friends to put on those dresses + partake in a photo shoot together. It gives you a chance to get another wear out of your dress + have fun with your friends, what girl wouldn't want that?
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 Preserve the Dress

The most obvious + probably the most popular thing to do with your dress, pack it tightly + keep it looking pretty in hopes that your daughter may one day wear it! If she isn't in love with it the way you were, she can have it altered to fit her liking or simply tie in some of the fabric to her new dress, or use it around the bouquet.
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 At Last Wedding + Event Design owner, Jaclyn wearing her Mother's wedding gown from 1981

Which would you choose or what have you already done with your dress?