"Mixing Up" Your Ceremony

Planning on doing a unity candle ceremony for your upcoming wedding? Why not switch it up and "wow" your guests with your originality? There are many other options out there, each more unique than the next!

Everyone has heard of a sand ceremony. They are increasingly becoming just as popular as unity candles. I love the concept behind them- the separate vases represent the bride + groom as individuals, once the sand is combined into a third vase it can never be separated, and nor can the relationship. You also end up with something beautiful to display in your home. It's easy to spice up a sand ceremony, literally. If you + your soon-to-be husband love cooking, why not use your favorite spices instead of sand? At Last Wedding + Event Design couple Carmen + Tyler implemented rice + beans from where they were born to represent their 'Spanish' + 'Country' style backgrounds- how unique! Another way to add more meaning to the ceremony is to include your family. At Last recently did another wedding where the bride + groom each had children from previous relationships. They had their kips participate as well to represent their blended family becoming one.
unique sand ceremony wedding
 Jennifer + Michael doing their wedding sand ceremony
A wine box ceremony is an excellent choice if you want to do something out of the box. During the ceremony the bride + groom seal personal letters to each other + a bottle of wine in a box, if the couple ever falls on hard times they can open the box, read their love letters + enjoy the bottle of wine. Or, you can set an anniversary to open it (i.e 10th year, 15th year, 25th year). Don't drink? Do what At Last Wedding + Event Design couple Norma + Jorge did + use your favorite soda. They had a Mountain Dew box ceremony!

wine box wedding ceremony
 Wine box ceremony
Another cute idea is to to a ring warming ceremony + pass your rings around to each guest. the person holding the rings say a little blessing to themselves + then passes the rings on to the person next to them, + so on. It's a special way to insure that everyone at your wedding feels included + important. A word of caution: this is probably best to do at an intimate wedding as it can take up some time + there is less risk of dropping the rings! Having a larger ceremony but still want to incorporate this concept? Consider just having the immediate family in the first row do the ring warming.

orlando wedding coordinators
 Colleen + Cory on their special day
I hope this helps inspire unique ceremony ideas for your own wedding day!

Until next time!