Be My Guest!

What’s one thing that almost all weddings have in common? A guest list! Whether your guest list consists of 2 or 200, these are the people that will be surrounding you as you make your vows as husband + wife. Your guests are there to celebrate with you + wish you well + you don’t want their kind words to be forgotten. Traditionally, guest books are placed out during the cocktail hour. This is the time where the guests at your wedding can take a moment to sign their name + write a personal message if they wish. A guest book is a wonderful keepsake to take away from your wedding day. Typically, guest books are just that, books. However, many couples are becoming more creative + coming up with unique + fun ideas for their guest “book.” Below are some inspiring ideas + pictures for an alternative to traditional guest books. Remember to stick with what fits your personality + overall theme of the wedding. It should be something from your wedding day you can always cherish!

Guestbook Tree- Your guests will sign their name in a leaf + it can be displayed in your home. Check out THIS guestbook tree template that can be ordered from Etsy for only $38!

Guestbook Puzzle- Have your guests sign puzzle pieces, + then spend a night putting it together + reading all the warm wishes you were given! Frame + put on display.

Bride + Groom Platter- With a special fine point porcelain marker, have your guests sign a decorative plate + keep on display in your kitchen. Check out THIS one from The Wedding Outlet for $58.

Photobooth- Rent a photobooth or create your own! Give your guests a few props + somewhere to write a special message + let them snap away. This photo features one of our very own couples using the At Last photobooth!
Questions- Place a different book at each guest table + have your guests answers the question on the front cover. You will be sure to gather some unique advice from everyone! This is also fun for your guests + will give them all something to chat about. Some ideas for questions include: Where do you see us in 25 years? What is your favorite memory of us?

Wine Bottles- Set up some metallic pens + let your guests sign away on your favorite wine. This will make for a very beautiful display.

Happy planning!