The Dress . . . After The Wedding

You have officially completed the happiest day of your life! The wedding was a blast + everyone loved your uniquely beautiful dress... now what? What are you planning on doing with your wedding gown? Here are a few popular options for all you Bride's out there: 1. Preservation. Of course, this is the most traditional choice + many Bride's decide to preserve their dress as a memento. If you want to keep your dress + possibly pass it down to your future daughter or granddaughter, this is the way to do it. This can cost anywhere between $200-$400; however, can easily exceed that price depending on the gown + location.
Here I am (left) getting married in my Mother's gown from 1981(right)
2. Trash The Dress. More + more Bride's are opting out of saving the dress in it's fully tactful self + doing a trash the dress session. It makes for some phenomenally unique photos! However, it is important to remember a post-wedding cost with this option, as well. TTD sessions can come out to be anywhere from $200 and up, not to mention hair, makeup, + accessories. Check with your wedding photographer for special deals.
3. Sell It. There are plenty of websites out there where you can sell your used wedding gown. I suggest the wonderfully useful, As well, Once Wed + wedding website classifieds, such as 4. Donate It. Donating your wedding gown is extremely generous + will certainly make you feel good about yourself. There are countless organizations that would be happy to receive your dress but I highly recommend Brides Against Breast Cancer. Check out their website for more information on the organization + how you can help.
Whatever you choose, make sure it fits your personality!
Happy Wedding Planning