Five Fab Wedding Trends

Orlando wedding planner, At Last Weddings recently did a newsletter to it's clients + since it received such positive feedback, I decided to post one of the sections from it on Five Fab Wedding Trends. Brides are always looking for new + exciting ways to spruce up their wedding day + the At Last team has plenty of ideas! When your guests leave your wedding they are going to remember the unique + fun aspects so why not give them something they won't forget?! Check out some of our favorite ideas...

1. DIY Photobooths
Having a photobooth at your wedding is still a hot trend. However, rather than using a basic booth, consider putting a spin on things + making it yourself! We are avid believers in having 2-purpose wedding items since it saves time + money! A DIY photobooth is a great experience for your guests but can also act as your guestbook. There are tutorials all over the web to help you make one but feel free to contact your At Last coordinator for more information.
2. Live Entertainment
Having a band or performers is another great hit for weddings. DJs are absolutely fantastic + if that is your route, consider having a separate performance piece at your cocktail hour or at the beginning of the reception. There are many options, including steel drum bands, fire dancers, rock bands, flamenco performers + more! Just make sure you find something that fits your theme + more importantly, your budget.

3. Cootie Catcher Programs
Keep your guests entertained with handmade cootie catchers! It will certainly give them something interactive to do from when they arrive to the ceremony to when the processional begins. With a little time + patience, these budget-savvy programs are the way to go!
4. Caricaturist
Yet another way to WOW your guests is to feature a caricature artist at your cocktail hour + reception. It also doubles as two wedding must-haves. All of your guests will want to take part in this unique entertainment that they can also bring home with them.
5. Crossword Puzzles
Having a themed crossword puzzle is another way to keep your guests busy during that time before the bride + groom enter + it is a fantastic game that will get the whole table involved trying to figure out answers! Consider using personalized questions such as 'the place you first met' or 'the grooms favorite sport'. Contact your coordinator today on helpful hints in preparing a crossword.

Happy Wedding Planning!