How to Pack + Prepare for Wedding Detail Photos!

It's no secret that your photographer is at your venue to capture all the characteristics that make your wedding day unique, whether big or small. So lets talk details- tiny ones to be exact!

Planning a wedding is a lengthy process + our couples know just how much work it goes into making sure each item is planned out to perfection. From invitations to perfume bottles, wedding bands to family heirlooms, all of these items can make for a fabulous flatlay + assist your photographer in capturing all of your wedding details in one stunning shot. We recommend taking a shoebox + filling it with all of the items you know are unique to your wedding so its ready to pass off to your photographer when they arrive. 

Take a look below to see what we recommend you have in your goodie box!
wedding details with watch, vow book and cologne
Photo by: Castaldo Studio
1) Hangers: Oftentimes forgotten is a hanger for your bridal gown + groom tux. It seems silly, but you want to make sure that the photos you get aren't of that thousand dollar gown on a 99 cent hanger from the dollar tree! Whether you use a customized one, a flat velvet, or wooden one, just make sure its neutral + fits the theme of the attire that will be hanging on it. 

wedding dress hanging at bella collinawedding dress hanging at casa feliz
wedding dress hanging on headboard

2) Vow Books: This is the one time where we do not want to advance with technology! Yes, phones are great however, nothing beats reading your wedding vows to your spouse-to-be fresh off of paper! It's not only more intimate, but you can personalize your vow books to match the theme of your wedding, rather than having a bulky phone in the way 👎

blue vow book with gold writing

3) Wedding Shoes: What you wear on your feet for your wedding day is oftentimes just as big of a decision as is your dress/tux! You want to make sure to capture these babies too, since they aren't showcased as much on the big day as your attire.

Pro tip: we always encourage testing out your shoes to make sure they are comfortable enough to wear for 8+ hours but make sure while you are breaking them in not to overly crease them, scuff them, or leave toe prints since those wear + tears will definitely show up in pictures (not in a good way!). 
pink wedding heels with flowers black grooms dress shoes with tie and pocket square

3) Ring Boxes: Typically your ring comes in a box so this isn't a necessary purchase but for only $8 you can usually snag one of these beauties to display your bling in the way it's meant to be showcased!  

pink velvet ring box with rings clear ring box with blue ribbon
blue ring box with wedding rings
Photo by: Jessi Caparelli Photography, Jessica Friend Photo Design, KMD Photo

5) Invitations + Stationary: We always encourage ordering extra stationary + this isn't just to make sure you have a spare when you realize you forgot to invite your mom's boss's daughter's best friend 😝 (just kidding, don't do that!)

Another reason we advise ordering extras is so you have them for flatlays like you see below! We recommend saving 2 of everything you order as far as stationary goes, including menus, place cards, envelopes, customized maps, etc. That way, in case one gets damaged you have another on hand.

wedding invitationwedding invitations
Photo by: Emma Anne Photography + Sydney Marie Photography

6) Additional Items: These items might include family heirlooms (grandmother's wedding brooch, family bible, dad's watch, etc), ribbon (great to tie around your bouquet or loosly drape through the details photo) or even things unique to your special day (such as the place cards you are using for seating or a handpainted map of the area your wedding takes place in). You can also add in cologne/perfume bottles + ask your florist for a few leftover florals so your photographer can add those in too!

All in all, don't feel like you need to pack too many things!  

Check out the next few pictures to see how the details all come together flawlessly when layed out by a pro! 😉

wedding details
wedding details with flowers and invitations wedding details photo
Photo by: Emma Anne Photography, KT Crabb,  Alexis Kline Photography