Meet The Team | Jaclyn

For the past several months, we've been doing some features on all of the At Last ladies! We've ventured through  Amanda B, Brianna O, Jen, Amanda C, Brianna M + Katie. So, I figured we'd wrap up this blog series by introducing myself to any of you folks that may not be familiar with me or my baby, At Last Wedding + Event Design! :)

How did you get started in the wedding planning industry?
I knew I was going to be a wedding planner when I was around 15 years old. I was active in events at my high school + continued into college, when I attended UCF's Rosen College. While I was there, I started working with several venues throughout Central Florida + also a wedding planning company. After I graduated + got married, I created my dream.... At Last!
How long have you been with At Last?
At Last has been running strong for over 6 years!
What is your favorite part of a wedding day?
I have a few faves for the day. I enjoy witnessing the father-daughter first looks, prior to the ceremony. It's always a special, intimate moment that brings a happy tear to my eye! I also like to see my grooms facial expression the first time he see's his bride walking down the aisle (if they aren't doing a first look). Lastly, I like the seconds before my couple enter their reception + get formally introduced as Mr. + Mrs. It's another fun, intimate moment between my couples that I get to be a part of + it's always special to see their smiles for each other right then. 
 Tell us about some unique details you have had at a wedding. 
I love it when my couples want to incorporate a fun, unique + personal details into their wedding. I've had a mariachi band perform, had my couple enter their reception from a seaplane, + have had a popsicle vendor from my bride + grooms favorite farmers market.
Any advice for brides?
Hire professionals! You will regret hiring your friends cousin who just graduated from college + doesn't really know what he is doing. This is your big day! Don't risk not having a proper photographer, videographer, florist, etc.
 Tell us a some fun facts about yourself.
1) In college I studied + backpacked through Europe for a few months + visited so many amazing places- Lausanne, Bern, Paris, Florence, Pisa, Amsterdam, Austria, Prague, Berlin + Munich. I even stayed in hostels the whole time- old elementary school buildings + rooms with 10+ people!
2) I used to surf a ton!
3) My husband + I are high school sweethearts! I was 15, he was 17 + we met in newspaper class.
 What do you like to do in your spare time?
All my spare time is spent with my lovely little family- my husband Eric, daughter Emily, son EJ + pup Sydney. They're my life + we like to go to different parks, have picnics, go to the beach, + go to Jason's Deli (it's Emily's favorite right now- free ice cream!).
What are some items on your bucket list?
Skiing/Snowboarding, visit the United Kingdom, chat with Mindy Weiss, attend a national wedding planner inspiration retreat.
Favorite movies?
Dirty Dancing, Christmas Vacation, Horrible Bosses, Step Brothers
What on your playlist right now? 
The Wiggles (Ha! My kids love them) but for me- Justin Timberlake, Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, Ellie Goulding, Joshua Radin, Chainsmokers.

 Big thanks to Best Photography for our new team photos!