The At Last Ladies!

Alright, folks! This team really needed some new photos together- we were way overdue. It's not a super simple task to gather 7 busy ladies, especially with a few who live down in Naples + run our branch down there. After finally setting the date, in swooped Best Photography to capture my amazing gals + WOW did these photos turn out great! Josh + Rachel are a fun husband-wife team with talent that shines tremendously- all of our team loves working with them. Needless to say, I was so very happy when I got the message that the images were available!

Katie, Brianna, Amanda, Jen, Amanda, Brianna (I know... I must have a thing for Brianna's + Amanda's): you ladies are a true blessing + I'm so incredibly honored that each of you have been so devoted to At Last. I love this posse! 
Stay tuned for features + one-on-one 
interviews with each of these lovely ladies. 
Thank you, again, Best Photography!