Meet : Ashley + Nick

I'm am so beyond excited to show off one of our stunning couples, Ashley + Nick! We've been working with them since February + I can already tell that their January Leu Gardens + Winter Park Farmers Market wedding is going to be nothing short of unique, personal + beautiful. Since that's still about 6 months away, feel free to read through how their wedding planning process has been going + check out some of their {gorgeous!} engagement photos from BackAlley Photography.

Where did you two meet?
We met and started dating in high school.
      How did he propose?
        In November we decided to go on our roof to look at the stars. When we were getting down from the roof Nick went first and by the time I made my way down the ladder and turned around he was down on his knee.
     What is the style/theme of your wedding day?
     Mostly romantic with a mix of modern and vintage
     Why did you choose January 10, 2013 to marry? Is there any special significance?
        No special significance. Florida tends to heat up pretty early in the year and we wanted it to be nice and cool instead of having a day filled of sweat, mosquitos, and afternoon shower. (Crossing our fingers it's not too cold!)
  Which vendor has been the most important to you and why?
       At Last has been extremely helpful. The checklists are a reminder of what I need to get done and Jaclyn has been very beneficial in answering any questions we have had.
      What has been the biggest hurdle in your wedding planning?
       Right now, the biggest hurdle is choosing invitations! I'm sure I have much more to worry about though as we get closer to the date! I also think you can go crazy in details and spending money, trying to keep a vision and stay in a budget is sometimes tough (but no impossible).
What has been the best decision you have made throughout your planning process?
       Hiring a day-of coordinator is pretty high on the list. Even now I'm a bit worried how everything is going to play out on the big day!
       SPOILER ALERT: What will be the most unique aspect of your wedding day?
      I think our menu/food is different from every other wedding I've been to, so I think that's probably one fun part of our day. 
 What has been the best part about planning your wedding? 
       It's nice to see your vision come together. When you find that one piece of decoration you were looking for, when you pick your dress, when you take your engagement pictures... it's neat to see all the pieces come together.
Has your groom been involved in the planning? What has been his favorite part so far?
        Yes, he listens and answers questions. He's let me make the decisions, but he will give me an honest opinion if I ask for it. His favorite part is probably that I don't mind handling all the planning :)
     Will you be honeymooning? If so, where?
        Still working on that... somewhere tropical on an island.