Cake Experts To The Rescue!

Okay, okay... we are no cake bakers; however, we have seen our share of wedding cakes + we would love to spread some insight from some of our favorite bakers that will be sure to assist you when thinking about your dream wedding cake.
Wendy + Omar's wedding- It's Tasty Too
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What is the most important thing for a couple to remember when selecting a cake baker?
Party Flavors: We think the most important is to pick a baker for their taste and quality of work. Also you want a baker with a strong reputation in work ethic; do they return your calls promptly, easy to communicate with you, venues, planners, etc.
Jaimz from Cut The Cake:  Find someone with the talent and ability to bring your design to life. We make cakes every week... you have one in a lifetime... make it yours!
 It's Tasty Too: Most important is to consider the level of experience and knowledge of the baker/decorator. Second is to consider the unique style of the decorator. Every decorator has a fore, or special skill. i.e piping, sculpting, designing. Choose one that best suits your style.
What is your opinion when it comes to a couple selecting buttercream or fondant?
Jaimz from Cut The Cake: Completely depends on their preference. Of course in some instances fondant is suggested (weather and design are a bit part of it) but we'll do whatever makes them happy. It's THEIR cake.
It's Tasty Too: The final decision is always up to the bride. However, some designs are not possible in buttercream, and some are not possible in fondant. The bride must be prepared to compromise if the overall design of the cake is key.
Party Flavors: Most brides want buttercream due to taste... 95% of the cakes can be made in good solid buttercream however some cakes due to their design must be in fondant. Your bride would want to find a good buttercream artist. Not all buttercreams are created equal.
Catherine + Chris' wedding- Party Flavors
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What are some important things for a couple to have in mind when they are selecting a design for their cake?
It's Tasty Too:  The first question I ask at the consultation is what are your colors. Second question is what shape(s). In no particular order, the following questions will need to be answered: Do you want flowers on the cake, if so what type and color. Is there an element or detail you want to draw from for inspiration? (i.e invitations, bouquets, dresses, decor). It is always helpful for a bride to bring in any ideas they have.
 Party Flavors: Most brides have a budget in mind when they come into the shop plus there are ways to be cost effective and keep them within their budget. We do many kitchen cakes and dummy layers on our cakes. We ask our brides to bring in any pictures of cakes they have seen and liked, also color swatches.
Jaimz from Cut The Cake: Make it yours. It's fine to have a 3-tier white wedding cake but if you like black roses, do it! Not everyone is a 9-5 person. If you have some of your personality traits that are unique to the both of you as a couple put it into your cake design!
What are some fun/unique cake topper ideas you have recently done? 
Party Flavors: We have made many toppers ranging from the couples pet, cars and replicas of the couple; all out of gumpaste. The most common is fresh floral with blink monograms.
Jaimz from Cut The Cake: For self-described "book nerds" we made a librarian couple with piles of all their favorite books at their feet... and for a couple who met in math class their topper was an open match book and 2 crossed pencils.
It's Tasty Too: We have recently made a ship's anchor made out of fondant with a weathered board as the monogram. We have also made a caricature of the bride and groom in a roller coaster.
Stephanie + Anthony's wedding- Cut The Cake
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What are some important things for a couple to have in mind when they are selecting flavors?
Jaimz from Cut The Cake: The bottom tier is usually what you cut into so I always suggest staying away from chocolate or red velvet for pictures as it gets stuck in your teeth! Try to keep your guests in mind by giving them a variety of options but at the end of the day choose what YOU like... it's YOUR day!
 It's Tasty Too: The first thing to remember is "you will never be able to please everyone with your flavor choices". Second thing to remember is that "it is your wedding, choose the flavors you like". No one will turn down free dessert.
Party Flavors: If they are serving any other desserts at the reception they would want to keep in mind those flavors when deciding on cake flavors. For instance you wouldn't want to do a chocolate cake and then have mini chocolate shooters at the venues, mix up those flavors!
Final Notes:
It's Tasty Too: Brides should keep in mind that they are (in most cases) selecting a vendor for their special day, that they have never met. We (vendors) usually have 1-2 hours to learn as much about you and your personal style as we can, to make it as perfect and specific to you as possible.
Jaimz from Cut The Cake: Don't be afraid to ask for the moon. The worst you'll hear is "no" and you'll never know unless you ask!
Brittany + Adam's wedding- It's Tasty Too
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Jen + Chris' wedding- The Sugar Suite
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Melissa + Jose' wedding- Party Flavors
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Cindy + Sam's wedding- Anna Cakes
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Megan + Kyle's wedding- It's Tasty Too
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Lonna + Andre's wedding- Party Flavors
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