Meet : Nicole + JJ

Nicole filled out our fabulous couples questionnaire to share a bit more about herself, JJ + how their Central Florida wedding planning experience has been going for them. Sit back, grab a coffee + learn a bit about Nicole + JJ as they approach their BIG day this January!

All of these sensational engagement session photos are courtesy of Studio222.

How did he propose?
Two days before Valentine's Day we went about our usual Saturday routine of drinking coffee and cookies breakfast together, only this time J.J. had come home from the store with flowers and mimosas. I didn't really read into it and just thought he was being sweet because of Valentine's Day. While cooking the food he kept fumbling around, so I asked a couple times if he was okay. After breakfast I walked into our bedroom to grab something, and our 12 year old chocolate lab followed me in there. He jumped up on the bed and came right over to me with a box in his mouth. J.J. came in the room and I opened the box. To my surprise it was empty and I started laughing, but when I looked up, J.J. was holding open the real box with the ring and proceeded to ask me to marry him. It was super sweet and I'm so glad he involved our dog! I still can't believe he came right up to me with the box and let me take it out of his mouth. It's almost like he knew! :) We celebrated our engagement and Valentine's Day later than night with a romantic dinner.
Which vendor has been the most important to you + why?
Our photographers and caterer were by far the most important to us. We love Becka & Nate Robinson of Studio222! Their work is amazing and we really appreciate how they build a friendship with their clients over the wedding process. It's been fun meeting up and getting to know each other better. Our caterer is Tony Adams and his staff of the Big Wheel Truck/Catering, which is featured all over the Orlando area. Their concept is "Local is Lovely" and all their ingredients are locals and made from scratch. We really think the food will WOW the guests at the wedding!
What has been the best decision you have made throughout your planning process?
I felt a huge deal of stress taken off of me when we decided to hire Jaclyn and At Last Weddings to coordinate our day! Both our venues, The Polasek Museum & The Winter Park Farmers Market are very DIY, and I can't imagine the chaos if we didn't have someone in charge.
SPOILER ALERT: What will be the most unique aspect of your wedding day?
The most special and meaningful part of our wedding day is that J.J.'s father will be performing the ceremony, and we have collaborated to write it all ourselves. We feel like the ceremony is the "true meaning" to a wedding, and it's so special to be able to declare our love for one another in front of our closest family and friends. And of course, we are looking forward to celebrating with everyone afterwards!
What has been the best part about planning your wedding?
For the most part the planning has been easy. We didn't really search long and hard for the "perfect vendors," they just sort of fell into our laps. If we felt a connection with the person(s) and their visions, then we knew they would be a perfect fit to work with on the days leading up to our wedding and especially on our wedding day!
Will you be honeymooning? If so, where?
We will be spending a week in New York City. We love NYC, but every time we go it's always a whirlwind! We are really looking forward to fully immersing ourselves in the City. We are also possibly planning a little trip to Europe this summer.