11 Faves of 2011

This past year has been absolutely incredible for At Last Weddings! Not only did a ton of wonderful things happen to me personally but the team planned + coordinated dozens upon dozens of special weddings for so many couples out there. I figured it only be appropriate to commemorate this spectacular year with some of my very own favorite photos of weddings that At Last has done in 2011.

But first, a big thanks to my amazing family who has continuously heard about weddings, weddings oh, + more weddings + has supported me with At Last. Number one shout out goes to my sensational husband Eric who has been through everything with me. In the midst of all of the work with At Last, we had a lot of wonderful things happen in our lives this year- we bought a house, my sister got married {photo below, of course}, + we found out that we will be expecting a beautiful bundle of joy next year.......

And now, here are my favorite 11 At Last
wedding photos of 2011- enjoy!

{1} Travis + Christine
Photo by Krista Marie Photography at Rollins College- such a wonderful use of lighting

{2} Laura + Brian
Photo by Jessica Leigh Photography at the Lake Mary Events Center- look at that sky!

{3} Almarie + Sean
Photo by Mandy Blair Photography at the Maitland Arts Center- I love it when a couple can cool off + just have some fun!

{4} Jennifer + Michael
Photo by Mike Briggs Photography at Eagle Creek Golf Club- I swear I'm not being biased because this is my sister.. this beautiful photo encompasses so much of their wedding day which makes me love it more + more

{5} Sivan + Craig
Photo by Mike Richards Photography at a secret location- I may be cheating because this was their post-wedding photo session but since they are in their wedding outfits, I'll count it!

{6} Sara + Jon
Photo by Bella Allure Imagery at the Albin Polasek Museum- a perfect moment of the father emotionally giving his daughter away all captured in one frame

{7} Megan + Kyle
Photo by Douglas Jackson at the Summerlin House- just look at his face.. now that's love!

{8} Brittany + Adam
Photo by Focused on Forever at Maison & Jardin- again, lighting can make all the difference + it certainly did here!

{9} Christine + Travis
Photo by KT Crabb Photography at Knowles Chapel- a second photo from this wedding by the second photographer.. check out those bubbles!

{10} Joelle + Andy
Photo by Sivan Photography at the Maitland Civic Center- the couple truly enjoying each other during their first dance

{11} Almarie + Sean
Photo by Mandy Blair Photography at the Sheraton Orlando North (getting ready)- this bride was just absolutely stunning, enough said!


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