Meet: Sivan + Craig

This couple is truly a joy to be around! Sivan + Craig have been through a lot with their wedding planning + it is all going to pay off next month. That's right, they are getting married in just a few short weeks! Want to know more about their planning experiences? Of course you do! Here is an interview for you to enjoy...
Where did you two meet?
We met in college through a mutual friend. We both worked ta Dueling Dragons in Islands of Adventure at separate times, and a co-worker introduced us one night when Craig had a movie night at his apartment.
How did he propose?
We went to Israel last summer (where I was born) with his brother and his brother's girlfriend. Near the end of the trip, my cousin planned a jeep trip with us near the town that I lived in until I was 3 years old. We packed our things for the day and headed North with my cousin, his two kids, and the 4 of us. After an amazing day of driving off road in gorgeous locations and hiking through a stream, we headed to the top of Mount Tabor (very close to my old home). Once we were at the very top (right around sunset), we marveled at the breathtaking view. Before I knew it, he was on one knee asking me to marry him. His brother recorded the entire thing, and I could not have asked for it to have been any more perfect. Our video is on our wedding website: under the "Our Story" tab.
What is the style/theme of your wedding day?
We are very laid back people, so we decided to stick with a natural theme. Our colors are dark green, dark brown, and guava (a pinkish-orange color) as our pop color.
Why did you choose April 2, 2011 to marry? Is there any special significance?
There really isn't any significance in this date. I just remember looking through the calendar one night after we got back to the states and choosing that day. I asked him what he thought about it, and when he said "sure!" it suddenly seemed so real to me. It's going to be an amazing day!
What has been the best decision you have made throughout your planning process?
Not just because this is for At Last, but Jaclyn truly has been the key to our wedding. We never planned on hiring a coordinator, but after struggling with one of our vendors, we couldn't handle it anymore. Jaclyn was there immediately and has been an absolute angel to work with! I am so much more relaxed and excited about the wedding knowing that she and her team will be there.
What has been the biggest hurdle in your wedding planning?
A bad vendor. The entire process has been pretty smooth and we have had no problems with any vendors until this particular one. Dealing with someone who does not return e-mails or phone calls has been an extreme difficulty and stressor, and I am just crossing my fingers that it all works out on the wedding day.
What has been the best decision you have made throughout your planning process?
One word: Jaclyn!
SPOILER ALERT: What will be the most unique aspect of your wedding day?
Uh oh... that's top secret! I'll get back to you on this one after the big day. Don't worry though, there are only a few weeks left!
What has been the best part about planning your wedding?
Working together with Craig (my amazing fiance). I am really lucky to have someone who is so helpful with the planning process. I do not ask him to do much, but when I do ask him for something, he does it with an open mind and heart. What can I say... he's pretty perfect!
Has your groom been involved in the planning? What has been his favorite part so far?
Yes, he really has. He does to all meetings that he can with me, and he takes everything that matters to me very seriously. I am not sure what his favorite part is, but I know he's looking forward to the planning being done with (as am I) and for the party to begin!
Will you be honeymooning? If so, where?
Oh yes, and we cannot wait! We will be going to Sandals in Negril, Jamaica. All inclusive resort, here we come!
Photos by: Katie Crabb Photography


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