Inspired by. . . PhotoMingle

People are always trying to find ways to spice up the traditional guestbook- so then, photobooths became popular. Now, there is a brand new idea that combines these pieces to a whole new level. I present + hope you are inspired by... PhotoMingle. It is an intuitive, easy to use multi-touch system that displays photos in real-time from your wedding.
While one guest is flipping through a slideshow of your photos, another is writing a message on the back of a snap shot they just took of themselves! The PhotoMingle software is designed to encourage your guests to not only look at your photos, but to take their own + share with everyone. PhotoMingle takes our standard Realtime Slideshow + expands it into an interactive experience you won't find anywhere else. Each photo + message created by your guests is saved + put into a custom designed MingleBook. What a new, creative way to have a guestbook!

Check out the PhotoMingle website to receive even more info + to see a video tutorial.