Creating The Perfect Candy Buffet

Check out some fun yet important information to creating the perfect candy buffet table for your wedding, courtesy of Orlando wedding planner, At Last Wedding and Event Design. Before designing your candy buffet, an important aspect to remember is that candy all alone is inexpensive; however, creating the buffet can add up to a significant expense that you may not have included in the planning of your wedding budget.

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First and foremost, buy enough candy! Some articles say to buy a certain number of ounces per guest but some of the most successful displays are planned by the size of the table and containers that will be on the table. A suggestion would be to buy 5 to 10 types of candy that you want to display and purchase 15-20 pounds of each of these candies. This may seem like an over abundance of candy, but a large table overflowing with candy has a presence at your wedding and does not look like something you threw together at the last minute. As well, make sure you have enough candy for the buffet to be refilled. This will guarantee that all of your guests have the same opportunity to enjoy your special treats.

Now, what kind of candy should you buy for your delectable buffet? It really depends on the theme that you are going for. Do you want a buffet that matches your color scheme or the specific theme of your big day? For example, if you are having a beach wedding, you can select a candy such as saltwater taffy.

Now, decide how you would like to display the candy. Fun and interesting containers in different shapes and heights is the most popular way to go. Make sure to use containers that are wide enough for a candy scoop to fit inside and that are clear so it is easy to see the candy. A suggestion to make the whole look pop is to raise some of the containers, giving your buffet height. You will also need to ensure that the containers are easily accessible even when raised up. As a finishing touch, make it personal! Think about adding some flowers, pictures, the logo of your wedding, or candles to match your theme with your candy.

One last item to consider is how your guests will take the candy away from the buffet. Whether it is a cellophane bag or a take out box, make sure it matches the theme you are going for.
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Good Luck!