Inspired by. . . Mike + Lauren Photography

Hello to all At Last couples! Who are we being "Inspired by" today? I present to you one of Central Florida's most talented husband + wife photography team- Mike + Lauren. Not only do I love them because they too use "+" signs in their name (wink!) but they are so beautifully creative + unique with their photography style. Check out this interview + some of these photos for a quick sneak peak into the life of Mike + Lauren Photography:
Tell me about your company
We are a husband and wife photography team located in Central Florida. We have been photographing weddings together as a team since 2007 but also running our own photography companies at the same time. This year, we decided to stop shooting independently and now we only book as a team and shoot as a team. We also traveled to England, United Kingdom to photograph our first wedding in Europe!
How did you both get started in the wedding industry?
In 2007 after photographing portraits and Mike working as a full-time commercial photographer, we began our introductions into the wedding industry; training under some of the best in the industry. We saw that a lot of what was offered in our home town was very traditional and we wanted to add spice and personality to wedding photos to create something we had only seen on the west coast or in other countries.

What sets you apart from your competition?
Us! We bring our own personal styles and mesh those with the clients to create something totally unique. Every single wedding we challenge ourselves to create images more stunning than the previous week. One of our favorite photographers said, "You don't have to be the best, just better than last week" - Jerry Ghionis. We totally feel that Jerry nailed it on the head! So with each client that books us and loves our work, we deliver images to them that always blow them away.
What is your favorite part of the wedding day?
Mike's would be the intimate photos between the couple. Mike is a very passionate person and he loves to showcase the couples passion in the camera. Lauren's favorite would be receptions. She LOVES to capture the first dance between the couple and she loves the party!

Why are you a wedding photographer?
Our answer? Because we LOVE working with people on the happiest day of their lives! We love being their to capture those amazing moments and guiding couples along to create ones that could slip by with all the stress of the wedding.
Other than a photographer, what is the one service or product brides should not get married without?
A wedding planner!

What is the best service or product that your company offers?
Two photographers that know each other better than anyone else. We've both had other photographers shoot for us when we were running our own photography companies. While we've hired some amazing photographers to assist us, there's nothing like having our spouse their who can just about read your mind. We know what the other is looking for and can make it happen so much faster than a person that is just hired for the day. Plus, we play off each other. So many times Lauren will crack a joke about Mike or vice versa and it just really helps loosen up the day.
What is the craziest request you have received from a bride?
Can you arrive at 6 am and starting photographing when I wake up?

In your opinion, what is the most fabulous trend with weddings right now?
Cool shoes! :)
Any special advice to brides when hiring a photographer?
Pick a photographer who's work you love and who's personality you love more!
Contact information:
Mike + Lauren
407.462.1199 - Lauren
407.462.1220 - Mike