Summertime Uniforms!

Summertime is officially here! My kiddos are out of school, weddings slow down a bit (yup, it's our slow season!) + I'm all about those affordable summer uniforms right now. ;)

I get so many compliments on this top + it's actually a local store find! White cropped pants + sandals are Sophie and Trey. These shoes are so comfy + just $35! Target purse is $20.

I like to tie up my maxi dressed in the front + this one was FREE! You read that right! There was a promotion for a new store + this store came to me completely free. Normally it's $18!

My main summertime outfit is this Amazon romper for $19. It comes in so many colors + has pockets! Sometimes I'll pair it with my light jean coverup.

This goodie I wear often + it another Amazon $19 find! I love the big sleeves + this top is great quality.