Amazon Outfit Finds!

I've said it before + I'll say it again.... Amazon is such a great place for affordable fashion! I've had some good luck with pieces on there lately but let's be honest, it can definitely be a hit or miss situation. Fortunately, I've had mostly good experiences, so far!

I got this green side-knot long sleeved top for just $17, people! What.... a..... steal! It's super comfortable + it comes in many different colors. It's on Amazon now for $21 right now + I'm wearing a size small.
It's a little hard to see but I'm also wearing my new favorite gold hoops + they are only $8 on Amazon! Such a nice, basic piece of jewelry to have... + such a good price!

Next up is this comfy blue long sleeve top, it's a very warm wear too! Comes in many colors + is just $20 on Amazon, wowza!

Nail switcharoo! I paired my Essie pink polish with an accent this time around. I love doing a fun accent nail + these Color Street glittery pieces are the best! This one here is Tokyo Lights + I got it for $10/pack.