E-session Featuring Jennifer + Michael

This wedding is ULTRA close to my heart because the beautiful bride is my sister + best friend! Jennifer + Michael met during their freshman year at UCF (Go Knights!) so when they got engaged, they knew they had to have their engagement photographs taken throughout the campus. Mike Briggs did an absolute fantastic job with their session + captured their personalities wonderfully. There are so many amazing pictures but here are some of my favorites!

I will be the matron of honor in this fabulous wedding but be sure to check
back in November to see what the rest of the At Last staff has
in store for this special wedding!


Inspired by . . . Artistic Aisle Runners

Artistic Aisle Runners is run by the ever-so talented Anne Legenhausen + is the focus of our "Inspired by.." feature today. The company specializes in creating uniquely personalized + customized aisle runners but can also assist brides with other types of signage such as, "here comes the bride" signs. Here is an interview with Anne so you can get to know her + Artistic Aisle Runners a bit more.
Tell me about your company + how you got started.
A few years ago, a friend had seen a personalized hand painted aisle runner and asked me to make one for her daughters wedding. She knew I had done murals, faux finishes and kids rooms for many years. After checking on the local wedding scene, I did not find anyone who makes AND installs hand painted high quality fabric aisle runners! This was the start of my company.
What sets you apart from your competition?
What sets me apart is that I will securely install the runner AND stay till after the ceremony to pick it up! The runner is theirs to keeps. Some brides just want the part with the monogram, some want to bring it out at the reception to let their guests write advice on it, starting at the end away from the design. One aisle runner with fall design all over was later used for a table cloth at Thanksgiving!

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?
Oh, I simply cannot pick just one thing! It is the happiest day of your life so far, and I'm just honored to have a small part in making it even more magical!
Other than aisle runners, what is the one service or product brides should not get married without?
When the wedding day is over, having good photographs to remember it all is super important.
What is the best services or product that your company offers?
The best thing about what I make is that each one is totally personalized, one-of-a-kind! So you can let your imagination go wild, or match anything you have seen, or I will take the swirls from the invitation on to the runners, we love swirls right now! Our best services is that the installation and pick up is included in the price, anywhere in the Central Florida area (we will ship). I also want to point out the small signs I hand paint, "Here Comes the Brides" "Thank You" or "Just Married" any size, any font, any color.

What is the craziest request you have received from a bride?
It was actually from a groom, he thinks he wants a football field runner, green with the numbers and lines on it, but the wedding is not until next year so I have time to gently guide him... oh, well, we will see, I will paint ANYTHING they want! :)
In your opinion, what is the most fabulous trend with weddings right now?
I like that the brides are free to personalize everything and do what they want. I am blown away by the creativity and imagination in flower stand decor, colors and mood lighting!

Any special advice to brides when looking to get an aisle runner?
If you do not have it in your budget to get a $400 high quality aisle runner, have some fun with petals instead, real or silk, making a design or monogram down the aisle. Please do not get a cheap runner. The old saying, you get what you pay for is definitely true here!
Contact information
Artistic Aisle Runners
Anna Legenhausen
407-833-0642 studio/home
407-687-5176 cell


Married: Sultana + Alex

Sultana + Alex truly had a beautifully, royal wedding. That is not only because they were married on the same day as Prince Will + Kate (who picked their wedding day far after Sultana + Alex, by the way!) but because their names mean Queen + King, as I explained in a post on the couple a few months back (see it here). The two celebrated their Flamenco inspired American wedding at the Maitland Art Center + the whole evening was flawless. Sultana + Alex are a fantastic pair + Orlando wedding coordinator, At Last Wedding and Event Design was so happy to have been a part of their special day. Head to our Facebook page for many more photos!

Of course, their wedding day could not have been as radiant without this cast of vendors:

Wedding Planner: At Last
Venue: Maitland Art Center
Photographer: Mandy Blair Photography
Videographer: Visual Effects by Seth
DJ/Lighting/Rentals: Fun Factory + Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals
Caterer: El Bodegon Tapas + Wine
Officiant: Phil McCoulough (filled in for Rev. Tim Herring)
Flamenco Performers: Omar Miguel
Floral/Linen: Nikun Events
Hair + Makeup: About Face Design Team
Bar: Orlando Private Bartending
Entertainment/Favors: Caricature Connection


E-session Featuring Joelle + Andy

Joelle + Andy will be getting married this September at the Maitland Civic Center + it is truly an honor to have Orlando day of coordinator, At Last Wedding + Event Design be a part of one of the biggest days of their life. The pair currently resides in Savannah, where they received this wonderful engagement session, courtesy of La Bella Vita Photography. Check out this beautiful couple...


Meet: Tiffany + John

What a fun + loving couple Tiffany + John are! I am so happy to have the pleasure to work with them for a whole year to create their dream wedding day that is set for this upcoming October. Tiffany specifically is a little ball of energy, which I absolutely love! Check out this small interview so you can also get to know this At Last Wedding and Event Design pair as they prepare to head down the aisle...

Photos by Molly Dempsey
Where did you two meet?
We met when John moved to Florida and started working at Chilis. I had been there for years and he was just what I was looking for!
How did he propose?
After an argument, we fell asleep still mad. When I woke up, he was staring at me. He started a LONG speech and I knew what was coming. All I could say was YES now give me my ring!! :)
What is the style/theme of your wedding day?
Southern Elegance
Why did you choose October 14th to marry?
I chose October 14 because of the weather. I love fall weather!

Which vendor has been the most important to you and why?
Not to be cheesy but At Last has been the most important part of my wedding planning. When I began this process, I had so many ideas but I just couldn't put them all together. I had chosen all of my other vendors without much thought. Choosing my planner was like entrusting someone with my life! I had to be willing to give up all of my hard work to someone else that I trusted. At Last really has been that for me.
What has been the biggest hurdle in your wedding planning?
I have had a hard time keeping all of my thoughts together. I guess I should invest in a planning guide.
What has been the best decision you have made throughout your planning process?
The best decision that I have made has been my theme. I am so happy that it reflects John and I as a couple. He is a down home country boy and I am a city girl. A perfect match!
SPOILER ALERT: What will be the most unique aspect of your wedding day?
MASON JARS! I love them and they are the one thing that I am not willing to change.

What has been the best part about planning your wedding?
The best part of planning has been seeing everything come together so far. I feel like our wedding is a great reflection of who we are and the things that we love.
Has your groom been involved in the planning? What has been his favorite part so far?
I am laughing as I read this question! NO!! He does not want to step on my toes so all he does is agree to whatever I want (which is the way to stay on my good side until the wedding!)
Will you be honeymooning? If so, where?
I have no idea if and when we are going on a honeymoon. Right now, I am thinking about a cruise in order to experience different places. On our one year anniversary, I hope that we can go to Aruba.