Proposal Planning: Andrew + Carol

Andrew + Carol have been together for over 3 years so finally Andrew decided to pop the question! He sought assistance from Orlando wedding coordinator, At Last for some help with his proposal + it ended up going off without a hitch. Huge thanks to Sivan Photography for coming out to snap some shots of Carol's amazing reaction.

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Happy Holidays From At Last

We would like to wish all of our brides, grooms, friends + family an exciting + safe holiday!


Inspired by . . . Bobby Pins & Blush

Owner of Bobby Pins & Blush, Kara Sanchez, was thrilled to be involved in our "Inspired by..." vendor feature. With plenty of experience in the industry, Kara offers not only basic hair + makeup services but fun extras such as spray tanning. Here is our interview with Kara so you can learn a bit more about Bobby Pins & Blush...

Tell me about your company
We are an on-location hair and makeup company that specializes in brides and their parties. We also do photoshoots, mobile spray tanning, eyebrow design and tinting and various makeup lessons.
How did you both get started in the wedding industry?
When I was 14 I was asked to do a friend of my family's wedding makeup and I guess just like in the movie 27 Dresses when Katherine Heigel's character is bitten by the wedding bug when she helds the bride fix her dress at only 7 years old... that's how it was for me! I knew I loved being a part of that special day and have never tired of it, even 16 years later.
What sets you apart from your competition?
I think the biggest factor is quality and professionalism. Believe me, in my 10 years in the Orlando market, I have worked with several of my competitors at some point or another and sometimes when you bargain shop your beauty vendors... you definitely get what you pay for. It has taken year to perfect my team but in 2010 I can now say that I am proud to have 9 incredible hair and makeup artists that are as dedicated to perfection as I am.
What is the one question brides don't ask their hair and makeup artists that they should when hiring?
What products do you use for makeup and hair? I say this because I put a great deal of money in buying the top of the line cosmetics and hair products because quality always shows in HD and high pixel photos so I think if a makeup artist has a kit full of no-name brands or drugstore cosmetics than they should be giving you a heck of a deal on the service that they are providing regardless of experience.
Other than hair and makeup, what is the one service or product brides should not get married without?
Gosh... I can't pick one so my top 3 MUST HAVES for brides is a great skin care regimen leading up to the wedding because no amount of makeup can fake good skin so take the time to get your skin right before you get your close0up and another small, inexpensive items that has a huge impact is a great body moisturizer with either a tiny bit of oil of the slighest shimmer because under the professional flash your skin will just glow from head to toe and who doesn't want that?! It's a MUST for A-listers on the red carpets so it's a no brainer for you on the most important day of your life. And don't forget to get a professional eyebrow shaping right before the rehearsal and NOT with wax so your peepers look alive at your wedding!
What is the craziest request you have received from a bride?
I've had 2 and oddly enough, they both happened this year. My first was that my bride described her perfect bridal hairstyle as "peakcock like", yes, that's right my friend... my thoughts exactly and under normal circumstances I would have tried to talk her out of it but with the Russian language barrier, I was forced to give in and surprisingly she loved it and so did her family. It was 100% peacock like! The second was a few weeks ago and I was asked to do Cirque du Soleil style makeup and it needed to be waterproof since it would need to resist a diving mask and oxygen mouth guard for their underwater ceremony.
In your opinion, what is the most fabulous trend with weddings right now?
I would say there are a few... the unique headbands and hair pieces as opposed to tiaras. I also couldn't be more thrilled that birdcage veils and feathers are back!!! YAY!
Any special advice to brides when hiring a hair and makeup artist?
ALWAYS ask to see their portfolio. Every hair and makeup professional should have one to show you and an array of their work. I would also suggest doing a trial or at least meet with your artist for an engagement session so that you can see the quality of their work and equally as important, so you can see if your personalities click. You want to have your room filled with positive and kind individuals on your big day so personality is paramount.
Contact information
Kara Sanchez: Kara@FabulousFacesStudio.com www.FabulousFacesStudio.com BobbyPinsandBlush.blogspot.com


Five Fab Wedding Trends

Orlando wedding planner, At Last Weddings recently did a newsletter to it's clients + since it received such positive feedback, I decided to post one of the sections from it on Five Fab Wedding Trends. Brides are always looking for new + exciting ways to spruce up their wedding day + the At Last team has plenty of ideas! When your guests leave your wedding they are going to remember the unique + fun aspects so why not give them something they won't forget?! Check out some of our favorite ideas...

1. DIY Photobooths
Having a photobooth at your wedding is still a hot trend. However, rather than using a basic booth, consider putting a spin on things + making it yourself! We are avid believers in having 2-purpose wedding items since it saves time + money! A DIY photobooth is a great experience for your guests but can also act as your guestbook. There are tutorials all over the web to help you make one but feel free to contact your At Last coordinator for more information.
2. Live Entertainment
Having a band or performers is another great hit for weddings. DJs are absolutely fantastic + if that is your route, consider having a separate performance piece at your cocktail hour or at the beginning of the reception. There are many options, including steel drum bands, fire dancers, rock bands, flamenco performers + more! Just make sure you find something that fits your theme + more importantly, your budget.

3. Cootie Catcher Programs
Keep your guests entertained with handmade cootie catchers! It will certainly give them something interactive to do from when they arrive to the ceremony to when the processional begins. With a little time + patience, these budget-savvy programs are the way to go!
4. Caricaturist
Yet another way to WOW your guests is to feature a caricature artist at your cocktail hour + reception. It also doubles as two wedding must-haves. All of your guests will want to take part in this unique entertainment that they can also bring home with them.
5. Crossword Puzzles
Having a themed crossword puzzle is another way to keep your guests busy during that time before the bride + groom enter + it is a fantastic game that will get the whole table involved trying to figure out answers! Consider using personalized questions such as 'the place you first met' or 'the grooms favorite sport'. Contact your coordinator today on helpful hints in preparing a crossword.

Happy Wedding Planning!


E-session Featuring Tiffany + John

I just received some shots from one of Orlando wedding coordinator, At Last's fabulous couples, Tiffany + John. They had their engagement photos taken by Molly Dempsey Photography + they turned out wonderfully! I love it when a couple has a great time taking pictures together + it truly shows. Let's take a peek...

Big thanks to Molly for sending these over!