Meet: Jennifer + Michael

Welcome to another new At Last Wedding and Event Design couple, Jennifer + Michael. The two met in college + after a year of doing the friend thing, they finally started dating. On the proposal day, Michael took Jennifer out for a fun game of mini golf where he placed the ring box in the 15th hole. Why the 15th hole you ask? Because they play by rules where the person who wins the hole, shoots first on the next. Since Michael was full of nerves, he didn't win a hole until the 14th! Jennifer, of course, said yes- even before he officially asked! The two are happily planning their special day for November 11, 2011 at the Eagle Creek Golf Club.

Congratulations Jennifer + Michael


What To Walk In...

I'm no Carrie Bradshaw, but I sure do love shoes! What you wear on your feet can say a lot about your personality + vision for your wedding day. Many Brides are still opting out of the color fad + sticking with something a bit more traditional in color, yet modern in style. The elegant white + ivory colors are still a showstopper, especially with all of these new + unique fashion approaches.
^ These Badgley Mischka's are pure love! ^

For a Bride looking to add a bit of spunk + flair, having a bit of color hidden under the dress is a fantastic way to go. If you decide to go this route, it is important to pick the right style so you don't go overboard. Here are some great examples of balancing color with fashion:

Of course, happy feet are a must on your wedding day. If five inch heels aren't your thing, comfortable more "walkable" flats are always an option. In fact, many Brides who are automatically going for flats or sandles, these days. Again, if white + ivory is too plain for you, there are most certainly wonderful color options for these styles, as well.

If you're planning a Summer or Spring wedding you may even want to consider an elegant, open-toed sandal:
Whether you choose a heel, flat, or sandal, just make sure you are comfortable + relaxed on your wedding day. Happy feet makes a happy Bride!


Unique Table Numbers + Names

A table number/name is a great way to add some creativity into the wedding day. Here are some chic, simple, unique, + fun options from Orlando wedding coordinator, At Last Wedding and Event Design!

Up first, we have the classic table number. It stays within the traditional appearance but more importantly, it is elegant. Using a romantic font + on a basic stand, this look gets the job done in a very simple and graceful way.

Next, a table name, rather than a number. There are many different + personal ideas to go with this option. Come up with various sites or cities that you + your fiance love to visit. Maybe use some of your favorite romantic songs from when you both fell in love. Think of something distinctive + unique that fits with your personalities.

How about a table number or name with a photo? People love admiring pictures so a great way to capture their attention is to include a snap of the couple, a pet, a skyscraper, etc. It's also a wonderfully fun way to involve a piece of home or your normal life + show it off on your wedding day.

A great budget-saver, consider doing a table number/name that doubles as another essential piece of your table setting. For example, have the table number also display the lunch/dinner menu- you are saving on making additional menu cards for each person or even an additional display for your whole table. As well, you are leaving more space on your table so it looks less cluttered. Another fantastic + creative option is make a table number out of a small notebook. Your guests will have the opportunity to write special love notes + their wishes inside the book for you to view afterward!

There are plenty other ideas that are bound to fit with each unique individual. Here are some photos of other alternatives for your table numbers or names:

Happy Wedding Planning!


Meet: Brittany + Adam

Welcome to our newest couple, Brittany + Adam! The two recently got engaged while they were traveling around the country on a business trip. At their stop in New York, Adam took Brittany to the top of the Empire State building + proposed. She said yes! And with all of the excitement + fireworks (literally, fireworks actually went off!), the two are officially engaged + preparing for their romantically vintage wedding, set for next July.

Welcome to At Last Weddings, Adam + Brittany